About Me

I'm Brandon.  As you're about to see, I like to wear a lot of hats.  Though all metaphorical, as I'm not a big hat person.

I'm a husband and father, to the greatest girls ever.

I'm a Systems Administrator with plans on software development Software Engineer (finally).

I have a BS in Computer Science getting ready to graduate in May 2012.

I'm an avid gamer, with roots in the NES era, busy preening through my wife and I's collection for things that are safe to keep around our daughters... so far looks like a lot of jRPGs...

I'm also an aspirant/hobby game developer, having been learning just about all elements of the idea -> play development pipeline since 2003, when I got a "sweet" summer job as QA for Jaleco, Inc. in Boulder.  (If you go play Goblin Commander, you'll find me nestled way down in the end credits among the other testers.)  I busy myself with concept art, 3d modeling, rigging/animation, texture work, shader-, game-, and tools-programming.  I also draw various animals on-request for my 2 year old daughter.

I'm a geek from back when that was still a 'bad thing', for example I had a blast writing a prolog-syntax logic compiler in lisp to implement backwards-chaining for a rule-based maze navigator.  I'll likely enjoy watching anything that is labeled with "sci-fi" even if it's horrible, anything labeled "fantasy" unless it's Twilight, and will read anything the Black Library publishes.

I believe in the video game as an experience and art form, and think that time spent in a video game is miles better than time spent watching television, as you become an active agent  in whatever game you play, instead of a passive recipient of someone else's story.  I also believe that moderation is important, and no video game will make up for getting outside and getting some good ol' life experiences.

I love creating stories and consuming those that others have built.  Before I'm done, I hope to give people adventures and memories in worlds they never would have heard of if I hadn't passed through.