I'll admit, I don't expect this to really gather much steam (the donation box that is) but if any benevolent readers feel like funding this project, I figured I'd throw it up here anyway.  I'll be more than happy to credit donators if they wish, plug their website/project (SFW only), or otherwise provide monumental recognition given there's no real reason to donate at this point.  Otherwise, if you don't want to donate anything, move right on along, no worries!

Current wishlist/investment list looks like:

-Cintiq graphics tablet :: speed up graphics workflow for concepts/textures/sculpts
-Upgraded development system :: my Asus laptop is grand, but if I want to do serious work and/or test hosting I'll need a box that can step it up.
-License for ZBrush :: their 3d paint and UVmaster tools alone are worth their weight in gold, compared to the manual UV manipulation system.

All totalled so far, I want to collect about $5,000.  That's a LOT when I'm not generating any income for this at all.  It's also a "nice to have" mostly because it all works towards a faster workflow to make more out of the time I can devote to the project.  So there you go, I have a donation button.

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