Friday, September 7, 2012

New and Improved Editor

I've banged my XNA-based level editor into shape with the new SharpDX-based graphics engine, and now have prop manipulation implemented!

click to enlarge
On the bottom there are two differently scaled copies of the same rock prop, and the (incredibly low-detail) rock bridge is another stand-in prop.  (It will still be in later, I just exported it from Blender as soon as it had a basic shape and texture coordinates.  I'm continuing to refiine it and create a proper texture for the mesh)  You can see the debug views of the deferred rendering targets across the top.  A rough cut of my ink-style outline shader is in use as well, though it could use some blur passes and tweaks to really be more what I was intending.

I've wanted to get this functionality in place ever since I first watched someone demoing the Hero Engine level editor a few years ago and realized how varied you can make a scene just by rotating and scaling a handful of props.

Someday soon I'll get the rest of my editor buttons in place :)

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