Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cameras, shaders, and input oh my?

Lots of work being done on the rendering portion of the game's engine (which is really just an engine insomuch as it sits in a separate project that is referenced by my actual game project, so it's content-unaware).  Almost done coding up the camera so that it swaps in before- and after-effects dynamically.  The framework for deferred rendering is already in place, which means lots of fun shader programming down the line.

I dove in to the graphics pretty early as the sooner I could get visual feedback, the more enjoyable the rest of the coding could be, and the better momentum I could keep on the project.

Elsewise the engine just has stubbed-out managers for other systems (AI, physics, world resource content) and an input handler so I could use controls to roam around the gamespace.

Currently working on: implementing a heightmap for level terrain with 4-texture blending.  Once I get that done, I'll be happy to start throwing in screenshots, but right now the entire project just renders a  spaceship from an open-source shader demo.

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